Ecommerce- Your Online Shop

For small businesses who want to trade online and have a need for a secure shop or store, the costs can be prohibitive, however we can do this from start to finish for as little as £475. This is likely to suit most small to medium sized businesses who want to trade online.

We can give you advice and guidance on where to start, who to set up your incoming payments (your own bank may be expensive) and how to display your products. We will also optimise your existing site to ensure that the maximum of traffic is driven to your shop.

Are there any Hidden Costs??

No! Every enquiry will be assessed by its own merits. Quite simply if you want a very specialised bespoke shop the cost will be a lot higher than £475. However if you want a professional working, optimised shop where it is easy to manage and upload new products either singly or in bulk, then the cost will be as stated with any additions (dependant upon your requirements) stated at the outset.

Ok, How do I drive traffic to my shop?? 

 The cost we quote for your shop will include the optimisation (getting the search engines to find it). We also include full statistics so that you can follow who is visiting your shop. In addition we can set up and run a Google campaign for your products which will push traffic to your shop. Essentially if your product is good and well priced you should have good sales.

Online Shop Website Design