Website Management and SEO

There are many businesses who have websites that attract little traffic. A bit like advertising archery in a fishing journal. We specialise in website optimisation and the ongoing management thereafter so that your website attracts optimum traffic. If you search around you will see that website optimisation is a bit of a buzz word or phrase in our industry. We believe it is best achieved with a "hands on" approach in partnership with your business.

For a relatively small amount of money we can analyse your current website and bring it immediately up to date and ensure that it appears very high up in the ranking of the worlds best known search engines and in particular, Google.

Our achieved results are easily measurable, from before to after. Contact us and discuss your possible requirements. The very least you will get is a free report of where improvements to your optimisation should take place. We will then, after discussion with you, agree a price (it will surprise you how low this can be) for the adjustments and changes necessary to get business flowing through your website.

Great website - bad optimisation = low traffic + low business potential

Great website - good optimisation = high traffic + high business potential

For instance if you type into Google the search term (not your business name or website name) that you really want to be refering you potential customers and see whether or not you are on page 1 or 2 of the results. If you aren't then perhaps you need some Search Engine Optimisation work carried out on your website.

Website Optimisation